Hickory Smoked and History Spoke

By: UNO Studnet

North Omaha Barbeque

            After reading “A History of Skeet‘s In North Omaha” by Adam Fletcher Sasse I have discovered a place I wish I could have gone to before the dining area was permanently closed. However, we are still in luck to get Skeet’s delicious hickory-smoked ribs to go. Skeet’s BBQ opened in the mid-1950s on 2201 N. 24th Street. It was a two-story establishment and they only took cash. This place was so good on some days they ran out of meat. A place where the food was simple and the service was quick kept the customers over the years. Unfortunately, despite being a neighborhood favorite it was targeted by the Douglas County Health Department and was shut down due to not having the correct permits to operate as a business.

Let’s get to know “Skeet”

            Skeet is the founder of Skeet Chicken and Ribs however that is his nickname. Skeet’s real name is Harold Whiteside and served in the military during World War ⅠⅠ. After the war, he joined the Railroad Men’s Social Club. This influenced future operations and persuaded him to open up Skeet’s barbeque.

Celebrity Influence

            In 1972 Preston Love who was an iconic Jazz musician in North Omaha declared Skeet’s as “Best in the U.S.A.” Preston Love was not the only star to love Skeet’s barbeque. Comedian Red Fox also frequented the establishment often. While Skeet’s offered easy food, hard times seemed to always get in the way of this place becoming successful. After the damages and burglaries that this business faced Skeet was unsure if they would be able to stay open.

New Owner

            David Deal is the new owner who first started to work at Skeet in 1971. He took over after Whitman died. Deal’s positive attitude is the reason why we can still get Skeet’s barbeque to go. He explained how you have to roll up your sleeves and work hard to be successful and it is not just about getting lucky. Stop through Skeet’s to get strong hickory flavored smoked ribs and support the North Omaha community.