Silas Robbins: Nebraska’s first black lawyer

 Silas Robbins: Nebraska’s first black lawyer

Silas Robbins: Nebraska’s first black lawyer

Information about Silas Roobins

Silas Robbins was a prominent figure in the history of North Omaha, Nebraska. Robbins was born in Iowa in 1865, but he moved to Omaha in the late 1800s to start a new life. He quickly became involved in the community and made a name for himself as a businessman and civic leader.

African American community

One of the most significant contributions that Robbins made to North Omaha was his work to improve the African American community. Robbins recognized the need for better housing, education, and employment opportunities for African Americans in the city. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Urban League in Omaha, which provided programs and services designed to help African Americans achieve economic and social equality.

Robbins’ commitment to the African American community was not limited to his work with the Urban League. He also founded the Negro Development and Protective Association, which was dedicated to improving the lives of African Americans in the city. This organization provided legal assistance, financial support, and other resources to help African Americans overcome the challenges they faced.

Omaha Better Business Bureau

In addition to his work with the African American community, Robbins was also involved in other important initiatives in North Omaha. He was a key figure in the establishment of the Omaha Better Business Bureau, which was aimed at improving the standards of business conduct in the city. He also played a role in the formation of the Omaha Colored Commercial Club, which was designed to promote the economic welfare of African American businesses in the city.

What he did is important for today

Robbins was widely recognized for his contributions to the community. He was honored with the Outstanding Citizen Award by the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, and he was recognized by the Omaha World-Herald as one of the city’s most influential citizens. Robbins also played a significant role in the founding of the Omaha Community Chest, which raised funds for a wide range of community organizations. Silas Robbins left a lasting legacy on the North Omaha community. Through his dedication to the African American community and his involvement in other important initiatives, he helped to create a better future for the people of North Omaha. His efforts to promote equality and social justice continue to inspire others in the community today.


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