Champions of Change: The Organizations Shaping the Future of North Omaha

 Champions of Change: The Organizations Shaping the Future of North Omaha

Champions of Change: The Organizations Shaping the Future of North Omaha

By: Wil Prine, A Student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha as part of Heather Nelson’s Service Learning Academy class.

North Omaha is fortunate to have many great organizations that are dedicated to and are directly involved in creating positive change not only in the Omaha area, but also nationwide. In this post I will be focusing specifically on 7 of these organizations (ABIDE, Urban League of Nebraska, NAACP, Empowerment Network, OEDC, 100 Black Men of Omaha, and Black Men United). These organizations are all equally important keys to advancing racial equity, economic mobility, and community empowerment in Omaha. Each bio will dive into these organization’s main goals and the variety of programs and services that they have developed to address the issues that many people face in the area.


Abide is a non-profit organization located in Omaha, Nebraska. Its mission is to strengthen inner-city neighborhoods through an integrated approach that involves building relationships with residents, providing affordable housing, and creating opportunities for community development. Abide’s initial focus was on helping families who were struggling by providing them with housing, food, and other basic needs. Over the years, Abide has expanded its programs and services to include a wide range of initiatives, such as after-school programs, children’s sports leagues, job training, health clinics, and community gardens. The organization has also collaborated with other local organizations and government agencies to address issues such as crime, homelessness, and food insecurity in Omaha’s urban core. Click here for a short video about their mission.


            The Urban League of Nebraska is another non-profit organization based in Omaha, Nebraska that is dedicated to empowering African Americans and other underserved communities to achieve socio-economic equality. The organization was founded in 1927 and has since then been offering a wide range of programs and services to help individuals and families overcome the obstacles they face in achieving their goals. Some of their programs and services include:

  • Job training and placement
  • Affordable housing assistance
  • Financial literacy and education
  • Youth development
  • Health education and wellness
  • Community development


The Omaha chapter of the NAACP was founded in 1915 and has been an active and influential voice for civil rights in the city for over a century. They are involved in a range of activities and initiatives aimed at promoting social, economic, and political equality for African Americans and other marginalized groups. Some of the issues that the chapter focuses on include police accountability, voting rights, education equity, and economic opportunity. The chapter also offers a range of programs and services to support the African American community in Omaha, including education and scholarship programs, youth development programs, and legal support services. The organization also hosts events and activities throughout the year to promote awareness and engagement on issues affecting the community. Overall, the Omaha NAACP chapter plays an important role in advocating for civil rights and social justice in the city and is a key resource for individuals and organizations working to advance equity and inclusion in the community.


            The Empowerment Network in Omaha is a community-based organization that works to improve economic, social, and cultural conditions in the African American community in Omaha, Nebraska. The organization was founded in 2006 and has since been dedicated to achieving its mission of advancing racial equity, economic mobility, and community empowerment. The Empowerment Network works through a collaborative effort involving community leaders, business leaders, faith leaders, and many organizations. Together, they work to identify and address issues that disproportionately affect the African American community. Some of the initiatives and programs launched by the Empowerment Network include:

  • The North Omaha Village Zone, which aims to revitalize the North Omaha community through economic development and job creation.
  • The African American Leadership Conference, which provides training and support for African American leaders in the community.
  • The African American Empowerment Fund, which provides funding for community-based projects and initiatives.


            The Omaha Economic Development Corporation (OEDC) is a non-profit organization that works to promote economic growth and development in the area. Its mission is to create jobs, promote entrepreneurship, and revitalize neighborhoods by providing resources, assistance, and support to businesses and entrepreneurs in the area. The OEDC is the only federally designated Community Development Corporation in Omaha. They are also federally recognized for being a Community Economic Developer.

OEDC offers a slew of services to help businesses grow and thrive, including financial assistance, business planning and development, access to capital, technical assistance, and workforce development. It also works to promote affordable housing, community development, and neighborhood revitalization projects.

OEDC is an important partner in the economic development of Omaha, working closely with local businesses, government agencies, and community organizations to create a vibrant and sustainable economy in the region.


            The 100 Black Men of Omaha is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for African Americans, particularly young people, in the Omaha, Nebraska area. The organization is an affiliate of the national 100 Black Men of America organization.

The mission of the 100 Black Men of Omaha is to promote education, health and wellness, economic empowerment, and mentoring for young black men and women. The organization offers a variety of programs and services to help achieve this mission, including:

  • The Saturday Academy, which provides academic support and enrichment for young people in grades K-12.
  • The Pathways to Success Program, which offers career exploration and job training for high school students.
  • The Real Men Read Program, which encourages positive male role models to read to elementary school students.
  • The Health and Wellness Program, which focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles and disease prevention.
  • The Collegiate 100 Program, which provides mentoring and support for college students.

The 100 Black Men of Omaha also engages in community outreach and advocacy to promote positive change in the Omaha area.


            Black Men United is an organization that was created in February 2003 in Omaha with the aim of promoting achievement among black men and enhancing the performance of existing community organizations by providing a space for representatives to share their thoughts, missions, and events. Black Men United has two pillars of action, which are to protect and build. The organization has gained recognition as a key grassroots leader, providing hope, and taking action to promote the progress of Black men in Omaha and around the country. They have implemented several successful programs, which have garnered national attention for their efforts to support and empower Black men.

  • Take a Child to Worship Day
  • Million Father March
  • The Hungry Club
  • No Murders in May

Make sure to also check out these organizations who are playing a huge role in moving North Omaha forward today:

About Freedomtainment:

Freedomtainment is a 501c3 non-profit organization located in Omaha, Nebraska established to educate, empower and entertain the Omaha Nebraska community about North Omaha Culture while bringing awareness to local, social and business resources.  It hosts the Omaha Freedom Festival to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday and the Level Up Career & Housing Fair on Labor Day Weekend.

About Omaha Freedom Festival:

The 2023 Omaha Freedom Festival is taking place on June 17th at the Malcolm X Outside Event Plaza to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday from 12noon – 12midnight to honor the emancipation of those enslaved in the United States.  See website for event schedule and how to obtain tickets.