Overcoming Injustice for Omaha schools

 Overcoming Injustice for Omaha schools

By: A Student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, as part of Heather Nelson’s Service Learning Academy class.

Before we talk about the Overcoming Injustice for Omaha school and the education system I would like to introduce a few key terms to understand the meaning of the topics you will be reading today. 

-Racial Segregation: The Separation of humans into racial or other ethnic groups in daily life.

-De facto segregation : Discrimination that was not segregation by law, but instead relying on culture, attitudes, traditions and opinions for enforcement. 

-De jure segregation: Law provides entirely separate schools for black and white students that they legally have to attend.

Jim Crow : The practice of Segregating black people in the US

The reasons for these terms it to understand that De facto segregation and De jure Segregation have two completely different meanings but have the same concept in the end. That is to separate white and black individuals from attending the same schools. Omaha public schools were De facto segregated. This is where culture and attitudes come into play with the location of the school and community. In 1872 the Omaha School District was formally organized for separate but equal schools. This was a total of 47 black students enrolled within eight public schools. Jim Crow was also ended for Omaha public schools in 1872 having African American children attend the schools nearest to their homes. The homes of these children are mostly in North Omaha.

Information like this is extremely important to recognize with our community. As we see our community get better with injustice in our school system. It’s important to educate one another to help not only what needs to be improved but what can be improved to help our community. Personally coming from a public school of four years, information like this was never covered anywhere In the schools. I believe spreading information of the growth on education in our community should be more looked at for Omaha public school. This should be a very great achievement in the injustice systems for making education equal for every student no matter the color of ones skin. #NorthOmahaHistory has so much more than just the injustice of the education for students. Education is the start to helping the community now and in the future. The #OmahaFreedomFestival and #Freedomtainment is an amazing fun and educational event on showing our community the history in North Omaha. It’s a way of bringing not only the North Omaha Community together but the surrounding areas of the metro for the education of 

our history.https://northomahahistory.com/2017/02/06/black-history-in-omaha/ (Links to an external site.). Attached above Is the website to the amazing articles of #AdamFletcher on the details of the education system of the North Omaha area. The lengths they had to go to make the education system what it is today, and the lengths they are still going to improve the system today. Attached in #AdamFletcher ‘s articles is more history if the #NorthOmahaHistory and the many different injustices that where taking place in the Omaha community and the surrounding areas.